The site is located immediately north of Monck Provincial Park, on the west shore of Nicola Lake. The site is legally described as Lots within, DL 530, KDYD, Plans KAP 79399, 78483, 82406 & 82405, except Plan KAP73063 and DL 530, KDYD, except Plan 17131, KAP73062 and KAP73063. The property comprised of approximately 477 acres before original subdivision.

PHASE 3 - Progress - 39 Unit Bare land Strata

With the land subdivision portion complete, our 39 unit bare land strata has started with site servicing at approx 80%. The purchasers will be complying with the development scheme as well as the applicable bylaws of the TNRD. It is anticipated that the feel of a resort with marina, convenience store, pub-restaurant and accommodation will all be realized with this portion of the development. All amended zoning for this phase has been put into place through the TNRD.


All the Zoning to support this development is in place. Copies of the applicable zoning bylaws are incorporated in the documents portion of this web page.


The development is serviced by all the conventional utility services found in a municipality and located at the property line of each lot along the main access road, being Monck Park road. More specifically, the services include:

Power and telephone is located on the east side of the road.

Water service is from a community water system comprised of two onsite wells, two 70,000 gallon reservoirs and two pump houses, complete with chlorination equipment currently the water chemistry in the well meets health water quality standards untreated but we are chlorinating to comply to IHA chlorination requirements. We have constructed an additional 35,000 gallon water reservoir in 2020 to accommodate the Phase 3 & Phase 4 development.

Sewer service consists of a pressure collection system feeding a sewer treatment plant that is designed to remove nitrates and phosphates, kill any negative bacteria, provide filtration, consolidate solids and deliver treated effluent to the storage reservoir for gravity feed back to large single & multi family lots for irrigation.

An irrigation water service is provided back to each large single family lot to close the loop on sustainability of water. The provision of this service will only be available if there is effluent that is treated.  Residents are advised that our zone is semi desert and only native vegetation needing low water should be planted.

Fire Hydrants are provided as part of the fire suppression system, as is a structure to house the fire suppression truck which is beside the operations building located in mid point of the development. There is also a state of the art sewage treatment facility along with a garbage & recycle collection site. The issue of wild fires has been addressed in a wildfire assessment covenant. The residents will be required to carry out measures on their property, as well as construct the dwellings consistent with building schemes. Volunteer firefighters will be oriented in both wildfire and structure fire fighting skills once residential numbers increase to allow for a 8 member turn out response team.

Refuse collection is handled via enclosed containers that are emptied under contract and disposed of at the TNRD solid waste management site in Lower Nicola & Recycling sites in Kelowna.  Lot owners are encouraged to recycle as much as possible to reduce the volume of waste collected. We now have mixed plastic & tin / mixed, paper and cardboard recycling in place.

Access is provided along Monck Park road, which is a publicly maintained road 12 months a year. The development also has a number of access roads that are covered under easement in order to enhance view lots access to prime construction sites on each lot. These access roads will be maintained on a user pay basis through the Utility Company that has been established to be responsible for the water, sewer and irrigation systems.

Building Schemes and covenants have been developed to ensure compliance with the planning concepts of a quality recreational residential development. This requires the participation of all participants from owners, builders, vacationers, business people and regulators.


Predominantly gentle to moderate sloping and undulating terrain intersperses channels cut out by glacial activity many millions of years ago. The ground cover in this area is varied with juniper, ash alder and pine trees prevalent away from the water.

The upland areas are predominantly moderate to steeply sloping terrain and are covered in Pine trees, underbrush as well as flowers. Level bench areas are scattered around the site, allowing a variety of building sites on each lot. As a result of the elevation difference, all lots are bestowed with excellent views of the lake and valley. Natural privacy screens are created by the varied options for house siting on each lot. The one acre minimums also provide for an excellent opportunity to maintain as much natural vegetation as possible around the houses to further enhance the lifestyle.


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